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  • small digger

    Hole prepared for sunken trampolinetwo playmounds Small Digger making easy work of the sunken trampoline hole with the earth removed to create two playmounds


    children bouncing on sunken trampoline

    Two fun little boys enjoying their newly installed sunken trampoline

    Sunken Trampoline Fun with Playmounds

    Recently installed sunken trampoline with play mounds.

    A 10ft sunken trampoline installed in Epsom, Surrey was swiftly installed in one day.  The earth removed was sculptured, crafted and turfed into two play mounds which our customer named Ying and Tang. A great way to use the earth excavated from the ground and is amazing fun for the children.  Many hours of creative fun can be had running up and down the mounds.

    An exhausting by enjoyable day had by all, the children had to be held back as Spencer and his team put the finishing touches to the install and then, bounce – boys straight on and playing by 5pm!  The guys arrived back at HQ saying that this job is fabulous, watching the joy on the children’s faces is wonderful!

    Purpose-built 10ft in-ground trampoline which includes the trampoline and retaining wall. High specification and easy to install. More information >


    Price: £695.00

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