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  • Safer Play

    Keeping bouncing at ground level reduces risk of accidents

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  • Clear Garden Vista

    Hunkered down in the garden landscape, enabling unobstructed garden views

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  • High Specification

    Patented kit complete with safety testing and durability testing

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  • Install in 1 Day

    eDEN will install in 1 day or provide instructions for DIY

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  • Specification

    Purpose-built sunken trampoline which includes the high specification trampoline and retaining wall.

    • Complete kit for a perfect sunken trampoline
    • Excellent quality armourweave jump mat with 8.5″ springs for a brilliant bounce
    • Patented vented pads to prevent pad slap noise and improve bounce quality
    • Solid retaining wall made from eco-friendly recycled polypropolyne/ethylene mix
    • Clever and unique design which reduces the spoil removed from the ground

    Key Features

    • Supplier: Jumpking (frame), Trampolines Down Under (vented pads)
    • Springs: 104 x 8.5″
    • Vented Padding: Ultra-tough 20oz reinforced vinyl with UV resistant mesh top
    • Max User Weight: Steel Frame & Retaining Wall: 10 years, Jump Mat & Springs: 5 years, Padding: 2 years, Netting: 2 years

    Product Description

    This top of range sunken  trampoline kit is specifically designed for in-ground use and is easy to install.

    You will need reasonably firm ground to use this kit as the frame sits on a ledge in the ground before you dig-out the inner hole.

    IGFrame5Purpose Built Frame

    The frame is made from thick galvanised steel. The mat attaches to the top circular frame whilst the bottom section forms the base. The retaining wall is attached to the top and bottom frame sections.


    IGMat3New Armourweave Jump Mat

    The fabric tensile strength is 20% greater than the normal mat and tear strength is improved by 30%. Improved air flow through the mat makes this the best bounce mat ever made.


    IGPadsTDU Vented Safety Pad

    The patented TDU Vented Safety Pad allows proper airflow through the pad eliminating ‘pad slap’ noise and greatly improves the bounce quality.


    IGWallRetaining Wall
    This tough and durable retaining wall is made from a 4.5mm thick eco-friendly recycled polypropylene/polyethelyne compound. It quickly and easily attaches to the frame using 5/16th inch (8mm) hexagonal self-tapping screws.


    Installation by eDEN

    eDEN Sunken Trampolines offers a hassle free installation service.
    Contact Spencer on for free advice and quotation.

    DIY Installation

    This is easier than you may think and comprehensive instructions are provided with the trampoline. Alternatively, you can download the full installation guide here:

    PDF – Capital In-ground Trampoline Installation Guide


    Safety Certification

    There is currently no safety standard that directly relates to in-ground trampolines. However, the Capital In-ground Trampoline has been tested by TUV Sud to their test program PPP 621001B, ‘Test principles for the safety of trampolines’ which is based on a combination of the following standards in part or full:

    EN 913 – Gymnastic Equipment. General safety requirements and test methods.
    EN71 – Safety of Toys. Activity toys for domestic use.
    EN 13219 – Gymnastic Equipment. Trampolines. Functional and safety requirements test.

    The Capital In-ground Trampoline Kits are primarily designed for domestic use and not for commercial use and do not conform to EN 1176 – Playground Equipment Standard.

    If you are planning to install this trampoline in a non-domestic environment, we highly recommend you contact your insurance company to ensure you are able to install the Capital In-ground Trampoline in your intended location.

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