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    Launch Sunken Trampoline Installation Service

    *Launched in June 2014*

    Sunken Trampoline Installation Service

    Sunken trampolines are the new ‘must have’ garden toy. They add fun and interest to the garden and create a safe way to enjoy trampolines.

    By sinking a trampoline you create a fun way for children to run on and off the trampoline and reduce the risk of falling from a height. Plus the big bonus of a sunken trampoline is that it in no longer a giant garden eyesore!

    Sinking trampolines can be tricky, particularly if you decide to sink your existing trampoline. Above ground trampolines usually have legs approx. 500mm deep, so you need to create a hole 500mm deep plus a well in the middle for drainage, you will also need to work out how you are going to create the retaining wall and how you are going to make sure there are vents for the air to escape and the springs are covered.

    Alternatively you can look at kit which has thought all this through, tried and tested and worked out a brilliant way of minimising the hassle of a sunken trampoline.

    The kit (designed by Capital Play and supplied and installed by eDEN) is robust and high quality, it contains the trampoline and a retaining wall built within the structure. The clever design reduces the amount of spoil removed (as the hole only needs to be a minimum of 300mm deep), it has a vented pad system which not only lets air out when bouncing but also protects users from the trampoline springs.

    eDEN Sunken Trampolines will aim to fit your trampoline in ONE DAY. Alternatively you can follow the easy to use DIY instructions and fit yourself.

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