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  • Safer Play

    Keeping bouncing at ground level reduces risk of accidents

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  • Clear Garden Vista

    Hunkered down in the garden landscape, enabling unobstructed garden views

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  • High Specification

    Patented kit complete with safety testing and durability testing

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  • Install in 1 Day

    eDEN will install in 1 day or provide instructions for DIY

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  • Installing a Sunken Trampoline

    Install Sunken Trampoline in ONE DAY by eDEN

    Installation area covered…


    When installing a sunken trampoline there are a number of things to consider. You need to consider what to do with the earth removed, make sure the walls of the hole dug are retained adequately,  does your ground type require a drainage system underneath the trampoline?

    eDEN will supply and install your sunken trampoline.  Simply contact us for a quotation

    eDEN will

    • Assess access and location
    • Assess ground conditions to dictate whether ground is solid and whether a soakaway is required
    • Assess whether to spoil needs to removed or can be re-distributed

    You will receive a clear and fair price for

    • required size trampoline
    • labour and time to install
    • supply of digging machinery if required
    • removal or re-distribution of spoil
    • repair of garden including laying of turf/artificial turf or alternative landscaping if required.


    Spencer is a RHS qualified horticulturist working with a team of construction experts.  Our service is comprehensive and professional, assuring you that your garden will be cared and respected as if our own.





    We aim to install our sunken trampoline kits in one day although certain gardens, ground conditions and adverse weather conditions may cause the project to overrun, however you will be advised throughout.

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