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  • Safer Play

    Keeping bouncing at ground level reduces risk of accidents

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  • Clear Garden Vista

    Hunkered down in the garden landscape, enabling unobstructed garden views

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  • High Specification

    Patented kit complete with safety testing and durability testing

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  • Install in 1 Day

    eDEN will install in 1 day or provide instructions for DIY

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  • *Discounted Price for January 2015*

    A sunken trampoline is a great idea and we improve the safety of your bouncing children as well as sitting beautifully in a garden setting.  Imagine what a fun filled Spring your children will enjoy if you have your trampoline installed ready for the warmer weather.  Actually our children are still out there bouncing on it in the freezing temperatures of January, at least they are using up their energy!

    To take advantage of our January sale use the coupon code ‘Jan2015′ when placing the order online.  You will get a 10% discount!

    If you would like eDEN to fit your trampoline then email info@edensunkentrampolines.com and we can provide you with a guide price.  We still have install dates available for January so be quick!


    Coupon code: Jan2015

    Discounted Price for January 2015

    Sunken Trampoline Discount





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