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  • Safer Play

    Keeping bouncing at ground level reduces risk of accidents

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  • Clear Garden Vista

    Hunkered down in the garden landscape, enabling unobstructed garden views

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  • High Specification

    Patented kit complete with safety testing and durability testing

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  • Install in 1 Day

    eDEN will install in 1 day or provide instructions for DIY

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  • About Us

    With two boys in our family the trampoline in our garden is well used by them and their friends. The boys are in the garden (and away from the x-box) in all weathers, jumping, laughing, having fun. Last summer my wife and I congratulated ourselves on such a good investment.

    Then the windy Winter of 2013/14 arrived. One awful night just before Christmas I found myself in the garden desperately trying to tether down the trampoline after it had been blown across the garden, smashing into the fence. By this point the trampoline was wrecked, however the winds were so strong and damaging I needed to tether the trampoline down to prevent any further damage to our garden or house.

    The children were broken hearted that their trampoline had been ruined but replacing with another trampoline is not only expensive, but another windy winter the same thing will happen again.

    Light bulb moment!

    My wife runs a garden room business and I run a gardening business, in both businesses we have been asked about sunken trampolines as our skill sets lend to installing sunken trampolines.

    After extensive research, and drawing on our expertise in construction and gardening we decided that a sunken trampoline was definitely the answer to our dilemma. Actually we realised that we are uniquely placed to be able to start up a business installing sunken trampolines. We have the knowledge to install them properly, the expertise to protect and improve the garden and the team in place to make it all happen.

    We are delighted to launch eDEN Sunken Trampolines which supplies and installs robust, well made trampolines with skill and the least amount of hassle to the homeowner.

    And I am delighted to report that our children are over the moon with their sunken trampoline!


    Spencer Wichall

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