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  • Safer Play

    Keeping bouncing at ground level reduces risk of accidents

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  • Clear Garden Vista

    Hunkered down in the garden landscape, enabling unobstructed garden views

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  • High Specification

    Patented kit complete with safety testing and durability testing

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  • Install in 1 Day

    eDEN will install in 1 day or provide instructions for DIY

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  • Sunken Trampolines; safer trampoline fun…

    Sunken trampolines or alternatively called, in-ground trampolines add a different dimension to your garden.  Trampolines sunken into the garden landscape enhance the look of your garden, keeping it clutter free and opening up the view.


    We all know the benefits of trampolines; they are great fun, keep the kids (and sometimes adults!) amused for hours and help the whole family get fit.  But have you thought of the benefits of a sunken or in-ground trampoline?


    Benefits of sunken trampolines or in-ground trampolines

    • Safer playing for the children (no falling out of unzipped cages or damaging young bones when jumping from trampoline height to ground).
    • Keeps the view of the garden clear.
    • Secure in the ground so won’t get blown around in the wind, damaging the trampoline and other garden objects.
    • Simple installation in ONE DAY with eDEN.
    • Complete and clever kit reduces the amount of spoil needed to be removed from the ground, has inbuilt retention wall, patented vents and protected springs.



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